Viu Nou Barris

Viu Nou Barris

Enjoy Local Business, Experience Nou Barris!

A project to promote participation in the commercial and local associative network.


  • Strengthening the commercial sector and its associations in Nou Barris, by driving access to information, training, digital transformation and participation within the associative network and the community.
  • Promoting the visibility of businesses in the cultural activities of the neighbourhood (fairs and commercial campaigns, cultural programme of community centres, traditional celebrations, new projects of entities and organizations, etc.) favouring the reconciliation and positive curiosity towards others.
  • Creating a meeting point for all the socio-economic agents of Nou Barris that favours more sincere and closer relationships, generating and taking advantage of the synergies to foster a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood.
  • Accelerating the potential of the entities of the neighbourhood and the driving force of the local business association to build new formulas of relationship, connection and promotion.

We experience and grow together: The local business association gives me promotional tools; I can also contribute my value to the local commercial sector

We make network: Shops, associations, entities and public facilities are connected!

Todos y todas sumamos. ¡Tú cuentas!Tots i totes sumem. Tu hi comptes!Together we all add up. Join us!{ic_final_ur}{ic_final_zh}

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